Future Stores Europe 2020

19 - 20 May, 2020

The Tower Hill Hotel, London

Main Day 1 Transforming In-Store CX

8:00 am - 8:55 am Registration And Networking Coffee

8:55 am - 9:00 am Welcome Address: Worldwide Business Research

9:00 am - 9:10 am Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Driving Innovation to Meet and Exceed Customer Needs

9:10 am - 9:30 am Inspirational Keynote: Re-defining global retail: Top tips from Walmart on how Western and Eastern retail markets can increase collaboration to provide a seamless store experience for your shoppers on a global scale

Ø  Creating fluid shopping experiences: What are the latest tools being used in the East to increase customer connectivity and what is the key to their digital success?
Ø  What lessons can European retailers learn from the East to succeed in developing more agile retail ecosystems? 
Ø  What are the benefits of integrating mobile payments into a single service platform, and what role are mobile payments currently playing in the West?
Ø  From business-driven to customer-centric strategies: What objectives should you set for your business to build a more agile retail strategy that can adapt at pace to changing customer expectations? 
Pavan Pidugu, Head of Global Store Technology Transformation at Walmart

Pavan Pidugu

Head of Global Store Technology Transformation

9:30 am - 10:20 am Fireside Chat with LEGO and Rituals: Thriving on today’s high street: How can you create a customer-centric strategy that enhances the role of bricks and mortar and positively impact footfall in your stores?

Ø  How can you re-invent your stores to achieve greater in-store traffic and drive ROI for the business?
Ø  How can you create fun experiences which translate into operational retail realities?
Ø  How can you define a global expansion programme across your omni-channel and bricks and mortar strategies that focus on experience, innovation and engagement?
Ø  How can you define what a true and unique brand experience mean and how can you translate that into a compelling in-store proposition?
Ø  What tools are best placed to evaluate how you can best support your store proposition with online channels whilst creating seamless and value-add customer experience? 
Ø  How can you deliver a true and unique brand experience that takes your retail base from conventional to dynamic? 

Simone Sweeney, Vice President, Global Retail Development at The LEGO Group

Simone Sweeney

Vice President, Global Retail Development
The LEGO Group

Richard Lems, Director of Format and Design at Rituals

Richard Lems

Director of Format and Design

10:20 am - 10:50 am Visionary Keynote: How to innovate your retail experience design to not just meet but exceed your customer expectations at every step of their shopping journey

Ø  How to create meaningful omnichannel experiences and develop long-lasting customer relationships
Ø  Understand how the new psychological foundation of consumer behaviour affects the perception of your brand
Ø  Building an emotional relationship with your customer: How to put your brand purpose at the heart of your strategies in order not only to
create a loyal customer base, but a group of passionate brand advocates
Ø  Adapting to your customer’ evolving needs: How can you implement a retail strategy that allows your brand to continuously transform and reinvent itself to accommodate changing customer needs?
Ø  Embodying your brand physical channels: How can you position your stores as your most critical asset in building lasting brand loyalty? How can you take an agile approach to launching new in-store concepts to optimise your space? 
Ø  What is the impact of digital innovation on the customer journey and how can you leverage emotional behaviour to link online and offline interactions? 
Andrea Picchi, Former, Head of Experience Design at River Island

Andrea Picchi

Former, Head of Experience Design
River Island

10:50 am - 11:30 am Morning Networking Break

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Future Proofing Case Study: How to create a customer experience roadmap that seamlessly links the online and offline touchpoints and delivers true personalisation

Ø  Humanising digital channels: How can you best reinforce your online proposition with bricks and mortar to boost customer engagement?
Ø  How to optimise every customer channel to create a consistent CX along the shopping journey
Ø  Implementing a start-up mentality: How can you best disrupt your business with a ‘fail fast’ digital culture to keep up with changing consumer trends?
Ø  Understanding customer’s needs: How can you get closer to targeted audience and match their goals at every stage of the shopping journey to improve the CX across all touch points?
Craig Summers, Managing Director at Manhattan Associates

Craig Summers

Managing Director
Manhattan Associates

12:00 pm - 12:50 pm Future Focus Panel Discussion: Succeeding with connected retail: How can you increase personalisation and blend offline and online brand identities whilst boosting customer engagement?

Ø  How can you select the best locations for new store launches to generate the greatest footfall from your target consumers?
Ø  What digital tools can you equip your store associates with to provide them with a holistic customer view and enable them to personalise the customer conversation?
Ø  How to introduce an in-store app to enhance the bricks and mortar experience and offer additional insights from digital
Ø  The ‘in-stock’ focus: How can you best track your online and in-store inventory to best guide your shopper’s customer journey and enable them to achieve their shopping goals?
Ø  How to connect your online USPs with your in-store offering to provide a frictionless journey for your customer
Ø  How can you utilise technology to enable relevant post-sale communication that brings your customer’s back for more? 
Phil Scully, CIO at Costa

Phil Scully


Paul Fletcher, Enterprise Architect Lead at Sainsbury’s Tech

Paul Fletcher

Enterprise Architect Lead
Sainsbury’s Tech

Michael Barker, Chief Technology Officer at Wex Photo Video

Michael Barker

Chief Technology Officer
Wex Photo Video

Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel and Digital First at Three

Graham Johnston

Head of Omnichannel and Digital First

12:50 pm - 1:20 pm Fireside Chat: Employee 2.0: What does the in-store associate of the future look like and how can technology support a customer-centric approach that will help them thrive?

Ø  How should employees be selected, trained and developed and what do employers need to offer to retain and reward top talent?
Ø  How to turn your existing staff into brand ambassadors by re-training them to become customer experts
Ø  How can you replace sales-based store associate’s KPIs with customer engagement metrics and indirectly boost sales with increased customer satisfaction?
Ø  What type of training programmes should you offer to enhance your staff’s selling, store management and people skills and create a consistent skillset across your global workforce?  
Ø  How to collaborate with HR to create clear hiring profiles and build a strong career proposition to turn your staff into passionate brand experts
Ø  What technology should you include in your store toolkit to provide your workforce with the support they need to succeed? 
Tristan Rogers, CEO at Concrete

Tristan Rogers


1:20 pm - 2:30 pm Networking Lunch

1:20 pm - 2:30 pm Invite-Only Boardroom Lunch: Exploring the latest Innovations in Experiential Retail to help you offer services that delight your shoppers

(Open to 20 Heads of In-Store Leaders Only)
Paul Eastman, Head of IT Applications at Superdrug

Paul Eastman

Head of IT Applications

Transforming CX with Data Analytics

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Case Study Revolution: How to connect different channels to achieve greater efficiency at a local level and invest in diversified and personalised customer experiences
Ø  How to use machine learning and data to analyse and develop an algorithm to interact with a more personalised approach with your customers
Ø  How to learn from a variety of different channels and extrapolate useful information to boost customer engagement
Ø  How do you decide what mix of each channel is worth investing in in order to maximise your revenue at a regional level and offer value-add services?
Ø  How to create a tool to forecast how each channel affect online and bricks and mortar 
Marta Sanchez, Head of Group Connected Retail and Distribution at Vodafone

Marta Sanchez

Head of Group Connected Retail and Distribution

Transforming CX with Data Analytics

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Case Study Revolution: Moving from channel to customer centricity: Creating emotional connections with your customers to offer value-add services and increase customer engagement
Ø  How can you make lasting, emotional connections with customers by shifting the focus from channel specific KPIs to customer centric strategies?
Ø  Sharing lessons learnt and practical insights into our journey: what are the key factors of customer centricity?
Ø  What shifts in technology, business and culture are required to create true customer centricity?
Ø  What is the best way to extract actionable insights from customer data and translate them to build a customer centric vision for your business?
Michael Barker, Chief Technology Officer at Wex Photo Video

Michael Barker

Chief Technology Officer
Wex Photo Video

Personalising the Customer Journey

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Case Study Revolution: Driving footfall to physical retail: How to invest in the right technology that allows to add value to your in-store proposition whilst gathering data on customer behaviour
Ø  How to understand which technology can be implemented that adds value to the customer whilst easing their in-store experience
Ø  What digital tools can be used to turn store visits into a preferred leisure activity? 
Ø  Retaining the human shopping experience: How to take a human-centric approach to smart mirrors, augmented reality and smart payments
Ø  How to place AI in the right spot to capture valuable insights from customer interactions around your store
Ø  How to connect your online and offline experience through “try on” technology and offer truly personalised services
Ø  How can you take the friction out of the in-store experience through data to better understand how to make better use of your store space?
Ø  How to create memorable moments through AR and successfully connect the offline and online world 
Christian Stephan, Head of Innovation Research at MediaMarktSaturn N3XT GmbH

Christian Stephan

Head of Innovation Research
MediaMarktSaturn N3XT GmbH

Personalising the Customer Journey

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Fireside Chat: How to achieve the optimal balance of in-store technology and human interaction to create the ultimate CX and empower your store associates
Ø  How to introduce interactive digital concepts to create memorable shopping experiences
Ø  The Holy Grail of personalisation: How to introduce bespoke store spaces, personalised technologies and turn your store associates into customer service experts to reinforce your high street presence and compete with online players
Ø  How can you trial new customer concepts in local stores to develop new customer services for your omnichannel strategy?
Ø  Succeeding in ‘phygital’ retail: How to leverage workforce technology to achieve a unique customer view and enable them to reach their shopping goals
Ø  How to reduce transaction time to allow valuable interactions with in-store advisors that builds customer loyalty
Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel and Digital First at Three

Graham Johnston

Head of Omnichannel and Digital First

Seth Vannaman, Group Product Manager - In-Store Operations at Walmart International

Seth Vannaman

Group Product Manager - In-Store Operations
Walmart International

Transforming In-Store Operations to Thrive on the High Street

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm Panel Discussion: Assessing the evolving role of stores: How can you identify real gaps in the retail market to create a new in-store USP to survive and thrive on today’s high street?
Ø  ‘Are department stores dead?’: How can you repurpose traditional spaces to constantly surprise the customer and offer unique services and experiences they can’t access online?
Ø  Becoming a destination store: How can you build an in-store strategy that considers new store lay-outs, leverages innovative visual merchandising and redefines the role of the workforce to transform the CX
Ø  Avoiding flash sales: How can retailers identify alternative solutions to driving in-store footfall whilst avoiding to compromise margins?
Ø  How can you best determine which store locations are providing ROI and which stores are losing footfall to build a new bricks and mortar success strategy? 
Myf Ryan, CMO Europe and Group Director of Brand and Strategic Marketing at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield

Myf Ryan

CMO Europe and Group Director of Brand and Strategic Marketing

Aoife Blicher, Head of VM Retail at Magasin du Nord

Aoife Blicher

Head of VM Retail
Magasin du Nord

Johan Korssell, Head of Retail at ATG

Johan Korssell

Head of Retail

Jo Hickson, Head of Labs at Tesco

Jo Hickson

Head of Labs

Transforming In-Store Operations to Thrive on the High Street

3:10 pm - 3:50 pm Fireside Chat: Getting experiential: How can you best evaluate which in-store innovations offer real value-add and turn your store into a must-see attraction?
Ø  How to test and trail in-store technology to assess true ROI and viability to scale across your store estate
Ø  How can you best launch flagship concept stores to boost product engagement and increase brand loyalty?
Ø  How can you define a compelling CX strategy to roll out across your store estate whilst offering different services at a local level?
Ø  How can you innovate and invest in new store technology when your budget remains the same? 
Shannon Pope-Ellis, Director of Store Planning and Design at Estee-Lauder

Shannon Pope-Ellis

Director of Store Planning and Design

Mark Sims, Lead, Future Shop Blueprint at John Lewis

Mark Sims

Lead, Future Shop Blueprint
John Lewis

Building Engaged Communities

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Synergy Workshop: How to create meaningful moments and improve customer experience through events
How can you redefine the purpose of your store and offer multiple on-site experiences that your customers can’t access online?
Connecting on a human and emotional level with your customers is becoming essential in order to create and retain a loyal brand community. However, up to now events potential hasn’t been unlocked to its full capacity.
This workshop will delve into the future of events in retail and the role they can play to improve customer experience whilst offering a personalised and frictionless omni-channel journey.
By joining this intimate session, you will be challenged to think outside the box, as well as learn how to strategise and unify an opportunity that is currently disjointed in most organisations. 
Greg Copley, Key Account Manager at ACF Technologies

Greg Copley

Key Account Manager
ACF Technologies

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm Networking Break

Transforming CX with Data Analytics

4:20 pm - 5:00 pm Case Study Revolution: How to implement a data-first strategy to elevate the shopping journey with real-time customer interactions across multiple touch points
Ø  How can you identify valuable insights from customer data and incorporate into your bricks and mortar strategy to counteract declining footfall?
Ø  How can you best overcome legacy technologies and build a new data-driven ecosystem that allows for the personalisation of every customer journey?
Ø  How can you take a customer-first view to review your existing team and technology structure and deliver on consumer demands?
Ø  How to apply predictive analytics to historical customer datasets to build a detailed customer profile and provide relevant product offers
Jon Beasley, Head of IT Strategy and Architecture at Wilko

Jon Beasley

Head of IT Strategy and Architecture

Transforming CX with Data Analytics

5:00 pm - 5:40 pm Case Study Revolution: Reimagining convenience retail: How to transform a global and legacy business through digital innovation in order to meet evolving customer demands
Ø  Convenience on the road: How to truly understand what makes  consumers different from high street customers in order to take convenience retail to the next level
Ø  Rolling out digital transformation at a global level: How to digest complex mechanisms and understand what type of innovation would work for your business
Ø  How to convince your stakeholders to free up convenience stores from legacy systems and enable to invest in technology that will enhance the customer experience
Ø  How to absorb innovation which is right for you and learning how to overcome roadblocks along the journey to unlock new opportunities at a global level
Ø  How to compete with digital native companies if your brand has existed for over 100 years 

Michelle Hu

Head of Global CR – Business Systems
Shell NEW

Jos-Eline Hooft, Head of Merchandise Management IT at Shell NEW

Jos-Eline Hooft

Head of Merchandise Management IT
Shell NEW

Personalising the Customer Journey

4:20 pm - 5:00 pm Case Study Revolution: Going above and beyond to meet the needs of today’s shoppers: How can you best leverage in-store technology to progress your customers along the path to purchase?
Ø  How can you use technology to enable your customers to better engage with and learn about your products to increase interest and likelihood to buy?
Ø  How can you empower your store associates with digital insights to eliminate human error and increase customer support?
Ø  How can retailers use in-store digital to increase cross-channel connectivity to follow and interact with the customer once they leave a shop?
Ø  How to identify and track your stock levels through RFID to provide customers with real-time insights on product availability
Ø  How can you embrace technology innovations to enhance customer interactions and succeed in unifying their journey?  
Cliff Austen, Head of Store Development at Co-op

Cliff Austen

Head of Store Development

Lee Biddiscombe, Head of Store Solutions at Co-Op

Lee Biddiscombe

Head of Store Solutions

Personalising the Customer Journey

5:00 pm - 5:40 pm Case Study Revolution: Building an accurate view of your customers: How to craft a unique customer journey that encompasses both behavioural and declarative customer data to create bespoke CX
Ø  How to better link brick and mortar retailers with customers by using the brand website to drive customer footfall in stores
Ø  How can you extract additional value from customer data to create a stand-out product proposition in competitive markets?
Ø  Increasing omnichannel speed and transparency:  How can you more effectively connect your customer channels to make the shopping journey easier for the consumer?
Ø  How to leverage analytics to better target consumers based on their behaviour rather than demographics and create a truly personalised shopping experience
Olly Rzysko, CMO, Mahabis and Co-Founder at Offset Earth

Olly Rzysko

CMO, Mahabis and Co-Founder
Offset Earth

Transforming In-Store Operations to Thrive on the High Street

4:20 pm - 5:00 pm Case Study Revolution: Enhancing the in-store experience: How can you increase innovation and build memorable store spaces to transform the shopping journey, and make your bricks and mortar offering ‘instagrammable’?
Ø  Going beyond the product: How can you disrupt shop floor to offer valuable customer services beyond product display and purchasing?
Ø  Making stores social: How can you introduce photogenic spaces to encourage your customers to promote your stores online and become brand ambassadors? 
Ø  Succeeding with modular stores: Howto quickly adapt your store spaces to continuously surprise and delight your shoppers 
Gary Bott, Managing Director at Gentle Monster

Gary Bott

Managing Director
Gentle Monster

Transforming In-Store Operations to Thrive on the High Street

5:00 pm - 5:40 pm Case Study Revolution: How do you create and retain a destination status when the retail playfield is changing?
Case Study Revolution: How do you create and retain a destination status when the retail playfield is changing?
Ø  The Lobby concept: how do you turn your physical space into an attractive destination?
Ø  How can brands use the FOMO-effect, influencers, sustainability and instagrammable hotspots to increase footfall?
Ø  How do you driving consumers to the physical and digital store in order to create added measurable value for the retailers?

Annelie Gullström, Head of Business Development at AMF

Annelie Gullström

Head of Business Development

Creating Must-visit Destinations

4:20 pm - 5:20 pm Retail Innovation Think Tank: How can retailers learn from hospitality CX success stories to turn physical stores into must-visit destinations for customers?
Brainstorm with your peers in an intimate environment how to turn your existing or new shops in must visit destinations for your customers. This session will help you drill down on the practical steps of creating memorable spaces; from conception through to delivery and understand what the key success factors are to earn a ‘destination status’ and gain a competitive edge on the high street.
This workshop will arm you with the essential toolkit on how to drive change and switch mind-set within your organization to help your stores constantly evolve and keep up with customers’ changing needs. 
Martin Roulund Jakobsen, Head of Market Manager EMEA at Radisson Hotel Group

Martin Roulund Jakobsen

Head of Market Manager EMEA
Radisson Hotel Group

5:40 pm - 6:10 pm Dragon’s Den: Which of these new in-store innovators can bring your store true value and have the potential to be rolled out at a global level?

4 start-ups. 5-minute pitch each. 1 stage. A room of judges.
Watch, listen and review carefully selected start-ups on how they’re promising to bring your business to the next level through their innovative ideas.
Vote for your favourite and be in charge of the final verdict on who the 2020 Dragon’s Den winner will be. Are you ready to be pitched? 
Michael Wang, Co-Founder & CEO at Sirl

Michael Wang

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Reidbord, President at Fashion Tech Consortium

Michael Reidbord

Fashion Tech Consortium

6:10 pm - 6:40 pm Inspirational Guest Speaker: Shopping for happiness: How to leverage the human psyche to emotionally connect with your customers and influence their shopping behaviour

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop. Psychologist Dr. Paul Marsden will share top insights from positive psychology - the new science of happiness - on how retail experiences can boost happiness and wellbeing. Dr. Marsden helps agencies and brand owners understand what people want, how they shop, and the marketing messages that will appeal to them. His speciality is the psychology of happiness; the science and practice of improving human wellbeing and he’s a strong believer of how brands have a key role to play in fostering and facilitating human happiness.
Dr Paul Marsden, Chartered Psychologist at University of the Arts, London

Dr Paul Marsden

Chartered Psychologist
University of the Arts, London

6:40 pm - 6:45 pm Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

6:45 pm - 7:45 pm Networking Drinks Reception – Open to all conference attendees

Catch up with your colleagues in an informal setting at the Future Stores Drinks Reception

Open bar and canapes to be served