Future Stores Europe 2020

19 - 20 May, 2020

The Tower Hill Hotel, London

Main Day 2 Creating Value-Add Experiences

8:00 am - 8:50 am Registration And Networking Coffee

8:50 am - 8:55 am Welcome Address: Worldwide Business Research

8:55 am - 9:00 am Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Chris Field, CEO at Fieldworks

Chris Field


Exploring the Future of Physical Stores

9:00 am - 9:30 am Future Focus Keynote: Embracing the concept of flexible retail: How consumer behaviour is impacting long-lease contracts and the repurposing of retail space

Ø  How will evolving customer expectations change the purpose of physical retail spaces and how will bricks and mortars role in the customer journey change?
Ø  How can you re-purpose low footfall stores as distribution centres and provide value-add for customers by cutting shipping costs?
Ø  The changing role of real estate in retail: What is the best approach to engage with this side of the business and break down silos to better identify and mitigate store investment risks?
Ø  How to use modular store designs to allow flexibility, follow trends and constantly evolve your physical space to delight customers
Ø  How to design a multi-purpose and budget-friendly stores to allow your store associates to personalise with event areas, promotions, live instalments and additional immersive experiences
Ø  How to mitigate your investment risks with flexible lease terms and conditions to bring down occupancy costs and lower CAPEX
Jochen Schmidt, Vice President, Distribution and Real Estate at Swarovski

Jochen Schmidt

Vice President, Distribution and Real Estate

9:30 am - 10:00 am Spotlight on Retail Innovation: How to use new retail concepts to successfully map your consumer shopping journey and strengthen your brand

Ø  What should the store of the future look like and which areas should you invest in to create a flexible infrastructure?
Ø  When innovation equals flexibility: How to re-think your space to implement new designs and offer exciting customer experiences
Ø  Creating more on-site experience: How to provide complimentary and ‘out of the box’ services to boost customer engagement and reinvigorate your high street proposition
Ø  Re-defining  physical retail: How to maximise short term leases to develop and test new concepts before rolling it out at a global level
Ø  Boosting business competencies with multi-storey properties: How to offer different services and utilise flexible features to make the best use of your retail space to constantly change, satisfy and surprise your customer
Ø  At the heart of understanding the consumer journey: how to apply insights from consumers demographic, intention and mindset—from the decision points behind choosing a store to visit, to their activities when in store 
Oliver Fehl, Senior Director of Retail Concepts at Adidas

Oliver Fehl

Senior Director of Retail Concepts

10:00 am - 10:40 am Oxford Style Debate: TRUE or FALSE: Online players moving into bricks and mortar will provide the best in-store customer experience

In this industry debate, online and legacy retailers will battle on who’s truly ahead of the curve when aligning their mind set, online strategies, space planning and in-store operations to transform the role of physical stores and steadily deliver on customer’s evolving expectations whilst also mitigating risks.
What can legacy retailers learn from purely online players, and what can be translated into space planning, in-store design and experience? And, what challenges are online brands facing when moving into the physical space?
The legacy players’ stand point:
Ø  How long-standing high street stores can better portray in-store flow and deliver on how customers interact with a physical space
Ø  How department stores have a better understanding of how to plan, implement and re-design spaces as well as significantly reduce footprint
Ø  How traditional retailers can successfully leverage leases and landlord-retail relationships to maximise existing space and re-purpose it to offer unique services and experiences
Oliver Fehl, Senior Director of Retail Concepts, Adidas
Mark Jordan, Director of Space and Store Development, Debenhams
The online players’ point of view:
Ø  How online retailers can apply their data knowledge in developing innovative store concepts
Ø  Online retailers moving into physical spaces are able to enhance the purpose of technology and offer unique experiences
Ø  How online brands can better create mix reality spaces and how the experiential element enables to boost customer engagement
Carsten Keller, VP Direct to Consumer, Zalando
Gavin Williams, Director of Product, Future of Stores, Farfetch
Oliver Fehl, Senior Director of Retail Concepts at Adidas

Oliver Fehl

Senior Director of Retail Concepts

Mark Jordan

Director of Store Development

Carsten Kellen, VP Direct to Consumer at Zalando

Carsten Kellen

VP Direct to Consumer

Gavin Williams, Director of Product - Future of Stores at Farfetch

Gavin Williams

Director of Product - Future of Stores

10:40 am - 11:00 am Solving the retail puzzle: How to embrace digital transformation to repurpose the role of bricks and mortar and meet your customers’ new ways of shopping

Ø  How to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together and take full advantage of integrating different elements in your retail ecosystem for an effective real-time, omnichannel retail strategy
Ø  Sell everywhere, fulfil anywhere: How to connect all sales channels together in real time to allow your customers to access all stocks everywhere and choose where and how to have their products delivered
Ø  How to revolutionise inventory management and empower your store associates through technology 
Ø  How mPOS and self-checkout systems are helping to transform business by increasing order values, turnover and store visits while at the same time reducing monthly costs
Tim Larcombe, MD at Sitoo

Tim Larcombe


11:00 am - 11:30 am Morning Networking Break

11:30 am - 12:00 pm Futuristic Keynote: How to use customer-centric digital tools to better connect online and physical touchpoints and convert casual browsers into loyal buyers

Ø  How can you introduce new services in-store to create a clear value proposition for customers to come into store as well as buy online?
Ø  Succeeding with customer journey mapping: How can you leverage connected digital services that seamlessly drive online traffic to your store?
Ø  How can you best identify digital tools to solve customer pain points across your online and offline channels?  
Ø  What are the criteria to gather quality data from customer behaviour and disrupt your business by solving your customer pain-points?
Ø  How can you best evaluate the digital landscape to identify value-add in-store technology whilst being budget efficient?

Rien Jansen

Head of Purchasing, Marketing and Retail

Guest Speaker

12:00 pm - 12:20 pm Fireside Chat: Lessons learned from a Michelin Start Chef on how to emotionally connect with your customers and build long-lasting brand loyalty

Daniel Galmiche, Michelin Start Chef at Author and TV Presenter

Daniel Galmiche

Michelin Start Chef
Author and TV Presenter

Creating Experiential Spaces

12:20 pm - 1:00 pm Panel Discussion: How can you implement creative spaces in-store to attract customers and maintain bricks and mortar’s critical role in your multi-channel retail strategy?
Ø  How to re-think your store to move away from transactional activities and turn it into an experiential space that encourages brand loyalty
Ø  How can you turn your physical stores into retail destinations that embody and promote your brand values?
Ø  How can you increase agility in a legacy business to launch new bricks and mortar concepts at pace and compete with other consumer attractions? 
Ø  How can you determine which key assets of a stores deliver the greatest experience from a consumer’s perspective?
Ø  Making multi-sensory experiences: How can you build customer concepts that appeal to the different senses and influence shopper behaviour?

Sarah Haynes, Manager, Visual Merchandising at B&Q

Sarah Haynes

Manager, Visual Merchandising

Michele Trevisan, Head of Retail Design at Benetton

Michele Trevisan

Head of Retail Design

Creating Experiential Spaces

1:00 pm - 1:40 pm Case Study Revolution: How can retailers transform physical store designs to enhance their CX and offer value-add services consumers can’t find online?
Ø  How can you identify innovative store concepts that allow you to solve customer pain-points?
Ø  Succeeding with agile retail: How to design flexible store formats to evolve in line with changing customer needs
Ø  Making your store “instagrammable”: How can you leverage social media analytics to create memorable in-store customer experiences?
Ø  How to maximise your multi-channel touch points to create a connected and personalised journey for every customer
Ø  How to leverage insights from consumer data to understand and overcome your customer’s major friction points in-store 

Repurposing the Workforce for the Ultimate In-Store Strategy

12:20 pm - 1:00 pm Case Study Revolution: How can you introduce customer-centric tech that puts the customer in control of their purchasing experience whilst empowering staff to influence sales?
Ø  How to introduce new employee resources and training schemes to enable them to develop a technical and customer-centric skillset
Ø  How to set up your recruitment criteria in order to create the perfect team
Ø  How to move away from sales targets and create incentives for your workforce
Ø  When personalisation equals human workforce: how to enable your staff to provide recommendations and build a personal relationship with customers
Ø  How to provide your staff with customer-centric technology that allows them to dedicate quality time to customers, influence sales and remove main friction points 
Ø  How in-store technology solutions can empower customers to be directly in control of their shopping journey 
Penny Malm, Head of Digital Innovation and Customer at Nobia

Penny Malm

Head of Digital Innovation and Customer

Repurposing the Workforce for the Ultimate In-Store Strategy

1:00 pm - 1:40 pm Case Study Revolution: Keeping physical stores and workforce at the heart of your business: How can you measure customer and employee interactions and turn these insights into new and sophisticated customer services that deliver memorable in-store moments?
Ø  How to use ‘try-on’ technology to align customer behaviour and requirements with your in-store proposition
Ø  How to enhance your customer and employee interactions and assess how it contributes to the overall store success 
Ø  How to break down in-store obstacles by reviewing workforce technology and digital concepts to create a seamless CX
Ø  How investing in highly specialised services can set you apart from online brands moving into offline and strengthen your in-store proposition

Jason North

Director of Physical Environment Development, Group Marketing

Transforming Store Operations to Create Flexible Spaces

12:20 pm - 1:00 pm Panel Discussion: How can you embrace flexibility and modular design to generate stronger customer interactions and revolutionise your store appeal?
Ø  How can you introduce innovative visual merchandising to allow for flexible store updates?
Ø  How to mobilise payments methods with self-serve kiosks, and mobile portals to allow maximum movement
Ø  How to keep the customer front of mind when re-thinking your existing space to create truly experiential moments
Ø  How to implement innovative spaces in-store to enable customers to craft their own experiences in line with their personal shopping style
Ø  How to maximise multi-purpose spaces to sell products, offer relevant services and provide the ultimate CX
Ø  How can you compete with non-retail experiences to position your store at the top of tourist attractions? 
Sarah Palisca, Head of Global Retail Operations at Diesel

Sarah Palisca

Head of Global Retail Operations

Sara Metcalfe, Head of Visual Merchandising at Schuh

Sara Metcalfe

Head of Visual Merchandising

Diana Teixeira Pinto, Head of Marketing and VM at MO Sonae

Diana Teixeira Pinto

Head of Marketing and VM
MO Sonae

Succeeding with Memorable Shopping Moments

12:20 pm - 12:50 pm Synergy Workshop: How to tap into the emotions of your customer to design innovative store concepts and increase your brand appeal in new markets
Are you asking yourself how you can emotionally connect with your customers through a human-centred design?
This workshop will help you leave with practical take-aways on how to connect through the senses and cultivate genuine long-lasting relationships.
During this session you will explore the true potential of emotional shopping and how to identify the reasons that make your customers navigate a store, and what motivates them to walk through a store door.
Join this highly-focused session and learn how to unlock new ideas, develop experiential moments and drive commercial and human return.

1:40 pm - 2:40 pm Networking Lunch

1:40 pm - 2:40 pm Invite-Only Boardroom Lunch: Exploring the Latest Innovations in Creating Connected Customer Journeys

Open to 20 Heads of In-Store Leaders Only

Personalising CX Through Social Media and Digitalisation

2:40 pm - 3:20 pm Case Study Revolution: How can you collaborate with social media platforms to gain a better understanding of your customers and achieve a sophisticated and relevant form of personalisation?
Ø  How brick-and-mortars can stay competitive in the digital age via social media and why it's critical to master this platform in order to offer a consistent and personalised CX across different channels
Ø  How to create value through social media platforms and generate a direct impact on footfall
Ø  Creating sharable social media moments: How to offer memorable experiences in-store that enhance your brand’s online presence through your offline proposition 
Beth Horn, Head of Industry, Retail & Ecommerce at Facebook

Beth Horn

Head of Industry, Retail & Ecommerce

Repurposing the Workforce

2:40 pm - 3:20 pm Oxford Style Debate: TRUE or FALSE: It is essential to mobilise your in-store associates with digital tools to best assist today’s modern customers in-store
Ø  How can you identify which tech-driven innovations can help your workforce move from a transaction focused to a more customer-centric role?
Ø  What kind of training programs are best placed to equip your workforce with the skills they need to become people experts?
Ø  What are the benefits of recruiting outside of traditional retail channels?
Ø  How can you empower your staff to help boost their in-store sales and contribute to increased brand loyalty? 
Monique Gebauer, Head of Omnichannel at Manor AG

Monique Gebauer

Head of Omnichannel
Manor AG

Gary Bott, Managing Director at Gentle Monster

Gary Bott

Managing Director
Gentle Monster

Creating Flexible Spaces

2:40 pm - 3:10 pm Retail Innovation Think Tank: How to define your store’s role in a multi-channel landscape with new and evolving needs driven by customer behaviour
Is the store the end game for sales or is it now one of the many touchpoints in the customer journey? Are you in “lean retail” or “experience and knowledge retail”?
This workshop will focus on the store’s role within the dimensions of ‘retail proposal’ from price and product benefit to experience and ‘competitive advantage’; from pain point reduction to increased emotional connection.
Join this Think Tank to explore how each of these dimensions will change the way retailers design and equip their stores, and how this will inevitably change how brands measure success. 
Fredrik Holmvik, Retail & Omnichannel Strategist at Process Verkstad

Fredrik Holmvik

Retail & Omnichannel Strategist
Process Verkstad

Jesper Löwenborg, Partner at Processverkstad

Jesper Löwenborg


Sustainability & Social Responsibility Think Tank

2:40 pm - 3:40 pm Synergy Workshop: How to contribute to your brand’s sustainability goals through your in-store operations
With climate change so high on the global political agenda, and with more and more consumers caring about how their daily choices impact the environment, many retailers are now setting ambitious sustainability goals that encompass all areas of business.
Retailers need to prove that they are making a credible effort to come up with more sustainable products, and physical stores are no exception. However, brands are struggling to find ways to lowering their carbon footprint.
This session is designed to help you navigate these issues and come up with new company initiatives that will have a tangible impact on your sustainability goals. 
Some of the topics we’ll cover during this hands-on workshop will include:
Ø  Re-thinking your material selection: How to minimise packaging waste by improving your shelving system
Ø  How to invest in natural or recycled materials to align the manufacturing process with your sustainability goals
Ø  How can you offer relevant customer incentives to support local initiatives through your store to increase customer appeal?
Ø  What sustainability solutions are available to repurpose your in-store material?
Ø  How can you leverage digital innovation to help reduce paper usage and promote digital receipts and customer content? 

3:50 pm - 4:20 pm Afternoon Networking Break

Retail’s Future Footprint

Ø  How can brands affect customer behaviour and drive social change by embracing sustainability in stores?
Ø  A bottom up approach: How to change your company’s mindset and align your in-store priorities to the customer’s demanding social responsibility expectations
Ø  How to drive social change by encouraging communities to push the sustainability agenda and ensure to have a positive impact by providing sustainable alternatives
Ø  How can retailers inform customers on how to re-use packaging, encourage the use of renewables and take steps towards banning plastic bags?
Ø  Looking at accountability: How to be more sustainable across the entire supply chain by identifying clear ownership and responsibility 

Rien Jansen

Head of Purchasing, Marketing and Retail

Louise Ellison, Head of Sustainability at Hammerson

Louise Ellison

Head of Sustainability

Justin Van Der Horn, Sustainability Strategy Consultant, VDH Sustainability and Formerly Global Sustainability at Tiffany & Co

Justin Van Der Horn

Sustainability Strategy Consultant, VDH Sustainability and Formerly Global Sustainability
Tiffany & Co

Olly Rzysko, CMO, Mahabis and Co-Founder at Offset Earth

Olly Rzysko

CMO, Mahabis and Co-Founder
Offset Earth

5:00 pm - 5:10 pm Chairperson's Closing Remarks

5:10 pm - 6:10 pm Networking Drinks Reception