Future Stores 2017

May 31-June 01, 2017

Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London

Contact Us: 44 0 (20) 7368 9894

Andrew Bowyer

Digital Director
Green Room

Andrew’s unquenchable desire to understand the workings of all things digital has crafted his career to date. He has spent the last seven years advising start-ups to global media agencies on their digital strategy and recently joined Green Room Design as their Digital Director. His blend of developer and designer thinking led him to be an early champion of UX Designers and today he builds his strategies around a ‘humans first, code second’ approach.

Main Day Two: 1st June 2017 - Monetising Digital In-Store

12:00 PM Case Study Revolution: Digital dispositions; understanding your brand’s digital personality at retail

You’ve budgets for crafting and protecting your brand’s retail environments and communications. You probably have beautifully crafted instructions for positioning your logo within the store, but how much energy have you put in to considering your brand's digital personality? Is your digital personality contradictory to the promises your brand makes?

In this workshop, we will help you understand your brand’s digital personality at retail. We believe in a human-centred design process and this is an important first step in creating a digital touchpoint strategy for your retail environment. It defines which interactions are right. Which devices are right. And helps elicit which emotions you want your digital touchpoints to resonate with.

Life gets easier when you have a clear idea of your brand’s digital personality, when Interface design, UX and content all have a clear vision to align with.