Future Stores 2017

May 16-May 17, 2018

Hilton London Tower Bridge

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Main Day One: 31st May 2017 - Increasing Customer Engagement With Digital


08:00 AM - 08:45 AM Registration And Coffee

Women in Industry Breakfast

08:00 AM - 08:45 AM Women in Industry Breakfast: How can the retail industry better attract, develop and retain top female talent?

Fiona Johnson-Davis, Managing Director, The Brand Inspiration Co.

Walking in our customers’ shoes - gender diversity leads to better business results - fact.

In a sector where 85 - 90% of the purchase decisions are made or influenced by women, 60% of employees are women, why are only 10% of Executive Board places held by women? What part can we all play to ensure that the retail industry is attracting, developing and retaining its female leadership talent to the benefit of our customers and our businesses? Join us for an informal, interactive and stimulating conversation on this important topic where we will discuss that doing things differently will certainly lead to different results.


Fiona Johnson-Davis

Managing Director
The Brand Inspiration Co.

08:45 AM - 08:50 AM Director's Welcome Address: Lucy Bradley, Editorial Director, WBR

08:50 AM - 09:00 AM Chairperson's Opening Remarks

Andrew McClelland, Managing Director, Mirador


Andrew McClelland

Managing Director

Driving In-Store Innovation

09:00 AM - 09:25 AM Board Keynote: Our experiential retail success story: How we implemented a customer-centric approach in our store design to create a compelling shopping experience that keeps our consumers engaged at all touchpoints

Martin Urrutia Islas, Head Global Retail Front End, Retail Experience, Lego
  • Building on the basics: How can you ensure you have the fundamentals in place to meet your shopper’s basic needs when introducing a new store format before building on the digital experience?

  • Co-creating with your customers: How to utilise your consumers during the innovation process to ensure you are taking a customer-centric approach to store design

  • How can you increase your awareness of customer perception during the design and implementation process to successfully evoke the right behaviours from shoppers moving around your store?

  • Overcoming customer pain points with in-store innovations: What new store formats can better cater to the needs of your current customers and attract new shoppers into your store?


Martin Urrutia Islas

Head Global Retail Front End, Retail Experience

09:25 AM - 10:00 AM Panel Discussion: Fostering a culture of innovation: How can you encourage your staff to overcome a fear of failure mindset and embrace an ethos for staying ahead of the game with new digital business transformation concepts?

Francesca Danzi, Former Director of Global Beauty, Managing Director & Founder, Burberry, Danzi Consulting Paul Wills, Director Dealer Development, Hyundai Motor UK Will Lockie, Former Head of Multichannel, Evans Cycles
  • Building a foundation for successful innovation: How can you successfully eradicate departmental silos to increase agility and drive in-house innovation?

  • Getting the basics right to allow for digital integration: How to best align your people, processes and technology to increase digital abilities for the business

  • Accepting and embracing innovation: How can you overcome the failure fear factor and encourage experimentation with continuous project piloting to foster a culture of innovation?

  • Digital Business Transformation: How to make the business case for board-level backing of technology driven innovation to achieve an enterprise wide mind-set change and embed a new ethos towards adopting digital?


Paul Wills

Director Dealer Development
Hyundai Motor UK

Francesca Danzi

Former Director of Global Beauty, Managing Director & Founder
Burberry, Danzi Consulting

Will Lockie

Former Head of Multichannel
Evans Cycles

10:00 AM - 10:20 AM Morning Case Study: How workforce management can Improve customer experience and operational efficiency

Dave Lancefield, Senior Solutions Consultant, Reflexis

Learn how the world’s leading retailers use Reflexis solutions to:

  • Reduce the time Store Managers spend writing and editing schedules

  • Ensure accurate payroll and employee time-keeping

  • Optimize labour schedules to better align labour spend with store traffic


Dave Lancefield

Senior Solutions Consultant

10:20 AM - 10:45 AM Inspirational Keynote: Simpler Shopping: How can you leverage the latest innovations in retail technology to create a more connected and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers?

Lucia del Prete, Head of Strategy, Tesco Labs

The last few years have seen a wealth of technology gaining traction in retail. Paul Wilkinson from Tesco Labs will look at how retailers can harness the power of this innovation to create a more seamless (and less boring) automated shopping experience. Looking at buttons, barcode scanners and beyond, join this session for a unique take on retail in the 21st century.

Lucia del Prete

Head of Strategy
Tesco Labs

10:45 AM - 11:30 AM Morning Networking Break

Implementing New Store Concepts

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Case Study Revolution: Putting the customer at the heart of your store: How can you tap into the fundamental drivers of your shoppers’ buying behaviours to design a store concept that exceeds their expectations?

Giovanni Flore, Digital Signage Project Manager, Benetton
  • What are the ‘dominant genes’ in your customers’ DNA and what do they need to find in your store as an eco-system to spend some time in?

  • What do you need to create in your store in order to set a dialogue between the customers and the products you sell?

  • What do you need to deliver an experience to be memorable and shared?

  • What are the fundamentals of a syntax for a common language between customers and brand within the store?


Giovanni Flore

Digital Signage Project Manager

Leveraging The Latest Technology

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Case Study Revolution: Lessons from Luxury: How to inspire your customers with ‘’wow’’ digital experiences on the shop floor that increases their overall spend

Stefan Schmidhammer, IT Retail Innovation Director, Swarovski
  • Designing for low frequency and high value transactions: How is the increasing connectivity between retailer's channels changing the consummation of luxury goods and how can we leverage this in-store?

  • Launching great digital experiences: What digital designs can provide the wow factor for your store to entertain your shoppers whilst truly serving their needs?

  • How can digital technologies help you to learn more about your consumers whilst browsing in-store and enable you to better serve their shopping missions?

  • Enticing indulgence: How to create experiential retail concepts that increase customers desire to spend by enhancing their in-store experience


Stefan Schmidhammer

IT Retail Innovation Director

Blending Online And Offline With Digital

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM Case Study Revolution: Creating true brand fans with a total retail experience: How to seamlessly connect your digital and physical channels to provide the consistent cross channel experience your shoppers demand

Ian Plummer, Head of Sales Operations, Volkswagen
Chair: Simon Liss, Managing Partner - Strategy and Innovation, Omnifi
  • Selling with storytelling: How can you merge your digital and physical offerings to kick-start the customer journey and lure shoppers into the buying funnel?

  • Building friendships with your shoppers: How to create an in-store experience that effortlessly ties into your digital customer touch points to further cement your brand as a part of your shoppers lifestyle

  • Creating connecting experiences: How to launch new digital services and products to continue the customer relationship post-purchase and drive brand loyalty

  • How can you modernize and enhance your brand offering with new store concepts to enhance rather than damage your current business model?


Ian Plummer

Head of Sales Operations

Implementing New Store Concepts

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Back to basics: How can you best organise yourself to compete in a customer led market?

Will Lockie, Former Head of Multichannel, Evans Cycles
  • How to use online and offline to achieve a winning customer experience
  • How can you leverage service design for aspirational product categories?
  • Key principles: What are the best approaches to overcome organisational barriers and successfully align your teams to work in the most efficient way?

Will Lockie

Former Head of Multichannel
Evans Cycles

Leveraging The Latest Technology

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Case Study Revolution: Transforming the In-Store experience with associate technology

David Hainsworth, Product Owner, In-Store Digital, John Lewis

Roundtable Leader : Tom Rooney, Head of Mobile, John Lewis

  • How can you best apply customer centric design and agile principles so that you launch the right digital store concepts for your customers as well as store associates.

  • How can you provide your store associates with digital devices that support their customer conversations and increase conversions in-store?

  • How to launch new digital services for your customers to use in-store that better supports their shopping missions and pushes them along the path to purchase -How can you boost role fulfilment and increase job satisfaction by equipping your workforce with digital tools?


David Hainsworth

Product Owner, In-Store Digital
John Lewis

Blending Online And Offline With Digital

12:15 PM - 1:00 PM Case Study Revolution: How to implement new store strategies to get the most out of your physical stores and increase your Omnichannel offering

Kirsten Taylor, Omni-Channel Proposition and Strategic Development Manager, B&Q Penny Malm, Omnichannel Lead, Nobia Chris Chapman, Senior Marketing Manager - Proposition Development, Screwfix Direct
  • Achieving single view accuracy: How to gain real-time visibility on your customers and inventory to improve your store operations and provide a seamless buying experience for your shoppers

  • Exploring click and collect: How can you introduce new customer services in store that bridge your online and offline offering and simplify your customers’ shopping missions?

  • How to introduce digital devices into bricks and mortar to provide a customer experience that goes beyond the usual physical capabilities of your store

  • How can you get your store associates onboard with new store concepts to fully deliver on your in-store customer experience?

Roundtable Leaders: Chris Chapman, Senior Marketing Manager - Proposition Development, Screwfix Direct & Penny Malm, Head of Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience, Nobia


Kirsten Taylor

Omni-Channel Proposition and Strategic Development Manager

Penny Malm

Omnichannel Lead

Chris Chapman

Senior Marketing Manager - Proposition Development
Screwfix Direct

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM Networking Lunch Break

Implementing New Store Concepts

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Case Study Revolution: How to create an ultra-convenient store experience for your customers by providing faster and easier ways to achieve their shopping missions

Andrew McClelland, Managing Director, Mirador Keith Andrews, Head of Retail Portfolio & Innovation, Thomas Cook
  • Optimising digital channels: How to ensure you are fulfilling your customers need to come in-store by providing a multi-sensory shopping experience

  • How can you introduce digital technologies into your store that will help your customers make better use of their time around the shop floor?

  • How can you provide personalised shopping experiences that are relevant in the moment to help consumers meet their shopping goals?

  • How can you design a helpful store format and shop floor service that achieves a bigger brand impact and makes you stand out from the competition?


Andrew McClelland

Managing Director

Keith Andrews

Head of Retail Portfolio & Innovation
Thomas Cook

Leveraging The Latest Technology

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Case Study Revolution: How can you unlock insights from data you already have to help your customers in store, improve their experiences and decrease their frustrations

Chris Field, CEO, Fieldworks Marketing Nick Lansley, Innovation Insider, Nick Lansley's Innovation Lab

Many companies don't realise that they have all the data that would answer so many customer questions. In this session we will cover how data can help top customer questions, such as:

  • Do you have any stock of this product right now?

  • I am in-store, how can I find my way to get to the product?

  • What are your busy times? I'd rather visit when you are quieter!

  • Which is the least busy checkout in your supermarket right now?

Chris Field

Fieldworks Marketing

Nick Lansley

Innovation Insider
Nick Lansley's Innovation Lab

Blending Online And Offline With Digital

2:15 PM - 3:00 PM Synergy Workshop: What is the best approach to connecting your digital and physical channels in order to provide a 24/7 service for the ''always on'' shopper and boost omni-channel sales?

Matt Lyons, Head of 3D Design Development, Boots Simon Liss, Managing Partner - Strategy and Innovation, Omnifi Penny Malm, Omnichannel Lead, Nobia

Chair: Simon Liss, Managing Partner - Strategy and Innovation, Omnifi

  • How can you bring the convenience of e-commerce into your store to create a truly connected brand experience?

  • How to be consistently convenient across all channels to effortlessly meet your shoppers needs

  • How can you provide customers with the right tools for each channel that is relevant to them throughout their shopping journey?

  • How can you increase consumer order fulfillment with efficient buy online and collect or return in-store offerings?

Active Contributor: Penny Malm, Omnichannel Lead, Nobia


Matt Lyons

Head of 3D Design Development

Simon Liss

Managing Partner - Strategy and Innovation

Penny Malm

Omnichannel Lead

Implementing New Store Concepts

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Case Study Revolution: Mastering self-service: How can you design mobile apps that enhance your in-store experience by providing shoppers with relevant information at their fingertips?

, ,
  • How can you design a mobile friendly store that allows customers to use their personal devices to tailor their journey around your shop floor and easily find desired products?

  • How can mobile apps enable customers to plan, execute and review their in-store journeys to help them reach their shopping goals?

  • How to simplify the customer journey around your store with use of in-app navigation and relevant communication -How can you enhance in-store visits with apps by sending tailored content and relevant recommendations to shoppers to provide a more fulfilling experience?

  • How to design apps for your store associates to help them better serve your customers and take advantage of cross- sell and up-sell opportunities

Leveraging The Latest Technology

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Interview Revolution: How to create a successful and scalable service-led customer experience in your physical retail environment

Chris Field, CEO, Fieldworks Marketing
  • How can implementing assisted selling help to improve customer conversations in-store and elevate your overall customer experience?

  • How can you introduce digital services that simplify the increasingly complex customer journey and that help both manage and drive footfall into your store?

  • How can you work with your digital teams to create joined up experiences for your customers that drive loyalty and increase sales?

Chris Field

Fieldworks Marketing

Blending Online And Offline With Digital

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM Session Continued

3:45 PM - 4:15 PM Afternoon Networking Break

Digital Designs Vs The Human Touch

4:15 PM - 4:40 PM Inspirational Case Study: Mobilising your store associates with digital tools: How can you strike the right balance between technology and human interaction to elevate your store experience and support your shoppers’ missions?

Hannah Shepherd, Head of Retail Experience, Virgin Media
  • Enabling great experiences: How can technology support your staff with rich content as well as product knowledge to aid the customer conversation and improve the efficiency of customer service?

  • The power of face-to-face: How can you use digital to compliment your store's service led environment by enabling your staff to serve your customers in a more fun and personal way?

  • Empowering with digital information: How can you best facilitate your staff with digital tools to provide customised experiences for your shoppers to surprise and delight them with product information and drive store sales?

  • How can your store associates use digital devices to collect consumer data to help them meet customer expectations and add value to the shopping journey?

Hannah Shepherd

Head of Retail Experience
Virgin Media

4:40 PM - 5:00 PM Case Study: How to leverage the human advantage that physical stores offer to create the retail experience for the future for your customers

Michael Engler, Head of Strategy - Premium Experience, BMW Group
  • Exploring future retail: What are the challenges around successfully changing your in-store strategy and how can you implement more customer-centric experiences to increase customer engagement?
  • How can you move your store focus from ‘point of sale’ to ‘point of experience’ to ensure customer experience is at the very heart of your store activities?
  • How can you best leverage digital tools to support human interaction in physical stores and how can you get the balance right?
  • How can you implement accurate store performance measurements and KPI’s to track the success of your new store format?


Michael Engler

Head of Strategy - Premium Experience
BMW Group

Exploring Emotional Engagement

5:00 PM - 5:30 PM Inspirational Guest Speaker: How to tap into the key drivers of consumer behaviour to improve your in-store offering and build stronger relationships with your top shoppers

Kate Nightingale, Consumer Behaviour & Psychology Lecturer, Founder, London College of Fashion, Style Psychology Ltd.
  • Building emotional intimacy: How can you get to know your customers more intimately to forge lasting and emotional connections for your brand?

  • Forging friendships: How can you engage with your consumers to gain their trust and turn infrequent shoppers into your biggest buyers and maintain brand loyalty?

  • Beyond customer data: How can you gain a deeper understanding of your customer’s habits, wants and desires to better fulfil their shopping needs?

  • How to tap into your shoppers basic behavioral drivers with immersive technology to move them along the path to purchase

  • How can you accurately monitor and measure the personal interactions in the shopping journey to improve the human side of your in-store experience?


Kate Nightingale

Consumer Behaviour & Psychology Lecturer, Founder
London College of Fashion, Style Psychology Ltd.

Finding The Next Big Digital Disruptor

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM Dragons’ Den: Of the many new technologies now entering the digital space, which are the best ones to invest in to improve your in-store experience?

Liberty Mawhood, COO, L Marks Abdul Alim, Co-Founder, OfferMoments.co.uk, Mustafa Khanwala, Co-Founder and CEO, MishiPay Ltd , ,

Join our dragons as they assess the latest in-store innovations from start-up companies pitching their tech in a bid to win first place. Listen up as the dragons review the technology’s benefits to your business, predict their future success and deliver their verdicts. The ultimate decision is in your hands though, as the audience get to vote for their favourite. Will you find the next big thing?


Liberty Mawhood

L Marks

Abdul Alim


Mustafa Khanwala

Co-Founder and CEO
MishiPay Ltd

6:00 PM - 6:05 PM Chairperson's closing remarks

Andrew McClelland, Managing Director, Mirador


Andrew McClelland

Managing Director

6:05 PM - 11:59 PM Networking Drinks Reception

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