Future Stores Europe 2020

21 October - 22 October 2020

10:00 Berlin | 09:00 London

Why We Sponsor Future Stores

Red Ant is a technology partner that empowers retailers to connect online with offline, delivering fully connected retail experiences.

We spoke to Emma Newman, Client Consultancy Director at Red Ant to see why they sponsor Future Stores Europe.

Who: Red Ant

Where: Future Stores, Europe

When: May 2019

What: Exhibition Stand

Benefits: Excellent way to get ahead of competitors, bring significant to the team onsite and perfect opportunity to make new contacts in the industry with direct access to their exact target market

"Future Stores has a more than decent crowd of people. The delegates are great in terms of job title and company. I've had some really good conversations with some great retailers, and knowing that they’re senior decision makers, unlike some of the other events, is fantastic. Other events often have junior attendees and it doesn't go anywhere. Whereas at Future Stores I am more confident in these leads because the audience is more senior."

Our account sponsorship manager brought the relevant retailers over to us which was great. We genuinely had some really good conversations because they're all on the same page and they're looking for a lot of the solutions we provide. It's a really good fit in that respect. I didn't feel that any conversations we had was a waste of time, which doesn’t happen elsewhere."

"We used the Profile Report onsite, which then made it easier to have those insightful conversations. Knowing what the audience was looking for was very beneficial. Lunch yesterday was one of the best networking opportunities and the evening drinks after as well. It was a great chance to just speak to people in a relaxed setting as well getting that visibility in front of the retailers is a success for us."

"I would definitely recommend Future Stores to a colleague. It really is the level of people and level of brands that are here; there's a wide variety. It's not that they're all luxury retailers, it’s that they're all very senior people and people that can make decisions. We would like to sponsor again in 2020."