Future Stores 2017

May 16-May 17, 2018

Hilton London Tower Bridge

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Simon Færch

Head of Digital Products
Coop Danmark

Simon runs the Digital Services department which serves as an in-house Knowledge Center to qualify and lead the core Digital Initiatives and Customer Faced Applications in Coop. At the moment Simon and his team are building a new loyalty app and are looking into new Solutions and Customer needs for self chekouts and new ways of shopping 

Simon previously launched Coop’s mobile self-scanning and payment solution and will be speaking on customer pain points, the need for new services and self-scanning and loyalty due to his long standing work and expertise in these areas. 

13:45 Case study Revolution: Creating brand ambassadors: How to leverage smart loyalty schemes that keep your customers coming back to your stores over your competitors

  • How can you take advantage of digital loyalty schemes to manage and strengthen your relationships with your customer base?

  • How can you provide relevant location-based loyalty offers to nearby shoppers to drive them into your store and increase opportunistic sales?

  • How to provide new digital services to your loyal customers to make their shopping experiences easier and further embed the relationship you have with your frequent shoppers

  • The future of loyalty: How can retailers replace points with currency to entice shopper sign-up and provide real value for your loyal customer base

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