Future Stores Europe 2020

19 - 20 May, 2020

The Tower Hill Hotel, London

Rien Jansen, Head of Purchasing, Marketing and Retail at Bonprix
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Rien Jansen

Head of Purchasing, Marketing and Retail

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Main Day 2 Creating Value-Add Experiences

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

11:30 AM Futuristic Keynote: How to use customer-centric digital tools to better connect online and physical touchpoints and convert casual browsers into loyal buyers

Ø  How can you introduce new services in-store to create a clear value proposition for customers to come into store as well as buy online?
Ø  Succeeding with customer journey mapping: How can you leverage connected digital services that seamlessly drive online traffic to your store?
Ø  How can you best identify digital tools to solve customer pain points across your online and offline channels?  
Ø  What are the criteria to gather quality data from customer behaviour and disrupt your business by solving your customer pain-points?
Ø  How can you best evaluate the digital landscape to identify value-add in-store technology whilst being budget efficient?

4:20 PM Inspirational Panel: How can you best align social responsibility and sustainability goals with your customers’ ethical principles to drive brand loyalty

Ø  How can brands affect customer behaviour and drive social change by embracing sustainability in stores?
Ø  A bottom up approach: How to change your company’s mindset and align your in-store priorities to the customer’s demanding social responsibility expectations
Ø  How to drive social change by encouraging communities to push the sustainability agenda and ensure to have a positive impact by providing sustainable alternatives
Ø  How can retailers inform customers on how to re-use packaging, encourage the use of renewables and take steps towards banning plastic bags?
Ø  Looking at accountability: How to be more sustainable across the entire supply chain by identifying clear ownership and responsibility