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We caught up with Penny Malm, Head of Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience at Nobia, to talk all things in-store transformation.

We cover everything; from new investment choices that are driving results, to the importance of buy-in from staff on all levels. Read on for an insight into why Nobia is headed in the right retail direction.

Everyone is looking to make immersive retail profitable. Which interactive in-store experiences are you investing in and most excited about at the moment?

(PM): We’ve had a lot of fun with a ‘digi-physical’ tool we call a 3D-modeller, where you build your kitchen up with small blocks and dress it up digitally, then experience it in VR.  We’re also seeing real benefits for both customers and salespeople with our instore interactive touch screens where we can show and tell so much more about what we sell and what we don’t have space to display.

Which developments you’ve rolled out, or are working on currently, are unique to Nobia?

(PM): For our industry, the mix of digital and physical solutions in our concept stores is unique. We are currently working on a new ‘digi-physical’ solution to help consumers get started in store which we are excited about.  We focus on making it easy for customers to buy from us, but equally we want it to be easy for our salesforce to sell.

What kinds of results are you already seeing from the changes you’ve implemented?

(PM): Our concept stores have great staff productivity rates, and have met their early targets for conversion easily.

How are you driving the promotion of in-store offers / sales / promotions?

(PM): We are a central function, so the brands drive the campaign work in line with their local plans and we support.

What have you learned when it comes to bringing your bricks and mortar stores into the digital age?

(PM): It’s very complex, cross functional, people must work intensely, and the store staff must come along on the journey to give the concept a chance at success. It requires new skills and partnerships, solid procurement practice and support, and clear contracts for support and maintenance. Measuring performance is critical to keeping it alive.

What do you wish you had known when you first started your journey to in-store digital innovation?

(PM): I'm glad there are many things I couldn't have foreseen; I think they would have been blockers otherwise! In one year we got 3 concept stores open in 3 different countries with 3 different brands, but using the same common elements and customer journeys, it was ambitious and we did it.

There were many surprises along the way, but we had great retail experience in the brands and we brought in expertise in digital and retail partners to help us navigate. We started out thinking we would have an innovation lab - but in the end the stores became the labs, which was much more satisfying but also riskier!

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