Future Stores Europe 2021 Blog

What can Western Retailers Learn from Eastern Tactics?

The current Chief Technology Officer for FMCSA and Walmart’s former Leader of Store Technology, Pavan Pidugu, gives his perspective on how Western retailers can crack the Eastern market, from last mile delivery to digital wallets, find out how the East is leading the way when it comes to retail.

How Using Innovative Technology Can Help to Enhance Bricks-and-mortar Stores

Co-op's Senior Technical Manager, Retail IT, Cliff Austen, shares his passion for innovative technology and how it can revolutionise the retail industry. From improving user interfaces for store associates, to driving a personalised omnichannel experience for the customer, no retailer should leave a stone unturned when considering a new approach for their IT infrastructure.

How to Adapt Your Retail Space and Meet Customer Expectations

Swarovski's Vice President, Distribution and Real Estate, Jochen Schmidt, shares exclusive insights into how retailers can build new relationships with their customers and keep up with what they are really looking for from their favourite brands. By innovating and re-thinking their real estate portfolios, retailers can gain back control of their high street locations and start building for a brighter future.

How Retailers Can Make the Most Out of Their Bricks-and-mortar Stores

Swarovski's Vice President, Distribution and Real Estate, Jochen Schmidt, offers his advice to those retail brands who are struggling to re-purpose their bricks-and-mortar stores. In order to get the most ROI, flexibility and innovation is king when surviving the cut-throat battle of the brands playing out on our high streets.

How To Engage Your Customers Through a Sustainability Strategy

VDH Sustainability's Sustainability Strategy Consultant, Justin Van Der Horn, sheds light on how retailers can engage with their customers as they launch a new sustainability action plan or business goal. From start to finish, discover how you can invest in your retail brand with a sustainability strategy that can also increase customer engagement and in-store footfall.

How Retail Brands Can Overcome Their Sustainability Hurdles

VDH Sustainability's Sustainability Strategy Consultant, Justin Van Der Horn shares his expertise on all things sustainability focused for the retail sector. From focusing on overcoming internal hurdles to cooperating with local government - there's no challenge too great for those retailers who are determined to implement a successful sustainability business goal.

Delivering A Seamless Customer Experience


Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel & Digital First at Three UK sits down to discuss the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience with The Retail Exchange.

Delivering Your Retail Experience


Rapha’s Director of Retail & Development, Caroline Crosswell, and Head of Retail, Darren Read, explore our growing love of all things two-wheeled with The Retail Exchange.

3 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Mobile App


To enjoy mobile app success, you need to get things right. But what are the key ingredients for a successful mobile app in the digital world?

Bringing Digital In-Store: Europe's Top 3 Retailers


We asked 103 Heads of Omnichannel, Customer Experience and Store Development from top retailers about who they think is really leading the way when it comes to omnichannel and digital in-store. Here are the top three.

House of Fraser is Finding the Perfect Formula with Integrated Experimental Retail


As customers are increasingly turning to ecommerce for their shopping needs, it can be difficult for brick-and-mortar stores to stay ahead. But House of Fraser is ready to put up a fight to drive footfall to their shops by becoming an experimental retail store.

How ASDA is Cooking Up a Storm to Bring Fresh Products to Market


Testing the waters for exciting new products can be a delicate process. However, by appointing an innovation chef, Asda is helping bring delicious and daring new flavours to its customers.

How Nobia Drives Profit With In-Store Experiences


We caught up with Penny Malm, Head of Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience at Nobia, to talk all things in-store transformation.

How Quiz Drives Promotions, Engagement and Sales Through Using Digital In-Store


In association with our 2018 sponsors One Iota, we caught up with Haroun Saleemi, Head of eCommerce at Quiz Clothing to talk about the impact of digital developments in-store.

How Bang & Olufsen Uses AR Experiences For In-Store Retail


We look at how AR is becoming the new customer experience tool to close a sale. Read on for an insight into why Bang & Olufsen is headed in the right retail direction.

Walmart's In-Store Strategy: Apps, AR, Dotcom Store Tech


Walmart is clearly still in the experimental stages of transforming its traditional retail business into a technology-powered omnichannel trailblazer. As evidenced by the short-lived Mobile Express Scan & Go service, the retailer is deep in the process of figuring out which digital capabilities to integrate.

How Debenhams is Becoming a Beacon for Destination Shopping


Whether customers want a full makeover, a healthy meal, a glass of prosecco or a quick work out, Debenhams has it covered. Its emphasis is on bringing back the social element of shopping to make it fun again, so shopping can be less of a chore and more of a fun day out.