How Quiz Drives Promotions, Engagement and Sales Through Using Digital In-Store



In association with our 2018 sponsors One Iota, we caught up with Haroun Saleemi, Head of eCommerce at Quiz Clothing to talk about the impact of digital developments in-store.

We cover the success of new investments, how in-store engagement is sky-rocketing, and how data is playing a key role in Quiz’s bricks and mortar transformation.

Everyone is looking to make immersive retail profitable. Which interactive in-store experiences are you investing in and most excited about at the moment?


(HS): We have invested and continue to invest in improving the customer in-store experience. We have equipped our store teams with assisted selling iPads, which put information at their fingertips and enable ‘conversational commerce’.

The kiosks provide a different journey for the customer, as they are able to browse and explore on their own. We are excited to understand more about the differences between these journeys and the customer’s preference around how they shop.


Which developments you have rolled out, or are working on currently, are unique to Quiz?


(HS): The unique aspect is the joined-up approach to delivery. Each component could be delivered independently, but this would be substantially more resource intensive. We have also placed an emphasis on data. By using data to inform decisions, we are able to monitor the granular details of transactions and trends by store.


What kinds of results are you already seeing from the changes you’ve implemented?


(HS): The store teams are enjoying using the iPads on the shop floor as it allows them to be alongside the customer and talk to them rather than fragmented engagement across multiple points. As it also has an extended range, the store teams are able to satisfy more of the customer needs and this results in not only improved sales but improved team morale.


How has your customers’ in-store engagement and conversion developed?


(HS): Shopping time in-store is increasing as we provide more digital touchpoints for the customers to engage with the brand. Conversion has increased as the extended range allows for more customer demand to be fulfilled. This also increases basket size as being out on the shop floor helps the store teams to better engage with products and create up-sell/cross-sell opportunities when advising the customer.


How are you driving the promotion of in-store offers/sales/promotions?


(HS): Digital signage allows us to drive offers in-store and promote them within a short timescale. This can be delivered on a store by store basis, allowing us to monitor data, trends and sales and take the appropriate action to stimulate sales in-store.

Additionally, we can instantly launch promotions on the in-store devices and kiosks, because we have the tools at our fingertips to drive offers and promotions.


What have you learned when it comes to bringing your bricks and mortar stores into the digital age?


(HS): We have learnt that our customers are true digital natives and expect their experience in store to include digital. By balancing 3 dimensions across value, convenience and experience, we are making sure that we deliver on all three fronts whilst tapping into the physical space (as a competitive advantage over pure-play online) to deliver experiences.


What do you wish you had known when you first started your in-store digital innovation journey?


(HS): With hindsight there are a number of areas we would try to improve if we were to start this journey again. I think it is critical to test the concepts fully and this involves installing kit at head office and working with your digital transformation partner to iterate this.

We also involved our digital provider partner in staff briefings when rolling out the products and would highly recommend having solution ambassadors across the business to help transfer knowledge and ensure adoption is as smooth and painless as possible.


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