Future Stores Europe 2020

21 October - 22 October 2020

10:00 Berlin | 09:00 London

Delivering A Seamless Customer Experience

Three UK – The Retail Exchange
Graham Johnston, Head of Omnichannel & Digital First at Three UK sits down to discuss the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience.

A game-changer brand since it first launched sixteen years ago, today Three UK has over 10 million customers and 300 stores across the UK. It’s already committed £2bn of investment to rollout 5G to customers in 2019. Its focus on ‘connectivity’, however, stretches much further.

In an exclusive interview, recorded at Future Stores 2019, host Martin Popplewell sits down with Three UK Head of Omnichannel & Digital First, Graham Johnston, to talk about the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience, and what lies in store in a 5G connected future.

Featuring in-depth conversations with leading figures from the world of retail, this is The Retail Exchange’s informed interview series. Hear from the finest minds and inspiring thinkers as they share insights into delivering success and get to the heart of the industry’s big issues.




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