Why we Sponsor Future Stores

We spoke to Guy Hillier, Technical Account Manager and Ben Holmes, Business Development Director at Ecrebo to see why they sponsor Future Stores Europe.

Who: Ecrebo

Where: Future Stores, Europe

When: May 2018

What: Exhibition Stand and Plenary Panel Discussion

Benefits: Helping to shape the agenda, influencing the discussions of the day and excellent way to get out ahead of their competitors and showcase products or services

“We sponsored last year and it was a great event, so made sense for us to return to continue to meet the right quality people from across Europe.

There is a really good quality level of company and delegates at Future Stores. The onsite team are great at bringing people to the stand during networking opportunities. We have spoken to all the people we wanted to onsite at the event.

The conference isn’t too big (in a good way), we are able to find exactly who we needed to talk to. The location of the stand was great and we get excellent footfall.”

“The specific networking times are great too. Especially the drinks on day one, lots of people stayed and we were able to speak to loads of different prospects. The exhibition stand was much better than Shop Talk, because the exhibition hall was where the food was served; we were able to network during lunch.

We measure the success of an event by the number of follow ups with the right people. Definitely quality over quantity. By picking up just one new client means it was a successful event for us. Brand awareness is also great too.”

If you’d like to join Ecrebo at Future Stores 2019 then get in touch and find out more about how you can get involved. 

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