Future Stores 2017

May 16-May 17, 2018

Hilton London Tower Bridge

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Andrew McClelland

Managing Director

Andrew helps merchants develop multi-channel strategies and incorporate digital into their physical stores; with an increasing focus on cross-border. Recently he has produced a strategic plan and viability study for a Pure-Plays first foray into physical retailing and built the framework for a manufacturer to start trading direct to consumers through a cross border physical and digital presence. With over 15 years in the technology and e-commerce space, he has knowledge of all areas of the value chain and having carried out numerous international speaking engagements, chairing sessions give me great pleasure and an opportunity to make sure the audience takes home content of value.

08:50 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

14:15 Case Study Revolution: How to create an ultra-convenient store experience for your customers by providing faster and easier ways to achieve their shopping missions

  • Optimising digital channels: How to ensure you are fulfilling your customers need to come in-store by providing a multi-sensory shopping experience

  • How can you introduce digital technologies into your store that will help your customers make better use of their time around the shop floor?

  • How can you provide personalised shopping experiences that are relevant in the moment to help consumers meet their shopping goals?

  • How can you design a helpful store format and shop floor service that achieves a bigger brand impact and makes you stand out from the competition?

18:00 Chairperson's closing remarks

08:50 Chairperson's Opening Remarks

10:05 Keynote Interview: Making the right store investment decisions based on ROI: Which new store concepts are a "must have" vs "a nice to have" and should be considered in your strategy?

  • How to separate the nice to have from the business must-have to get the most out of your store investments

  • Creating the building blocks for store improvement: How can you take a customer-centric approach to store design to ensure your bricks and mortar investments have the greatest business impact?

  • Enhancing the social and physical delivery of bricks and mortar: How can you implement clever store designs that add that “something extra” to improve your customer experience and drive in-store sales?

  • Taking digital to the next level: How can digital channels help drive in-store services to ensure you never miss a sale?

11:15 Case Study Revolution: How to incorporate new in store services to provide your customers with enhanced shopping experiences so you don’t loose a sale

Chair: Andrew McClelland, Managing Director, Mirador

  • How to use digital designs to deliver an exceptional customer experience and increase conversion rates in your store

  • How can digital tools aid your internal operations to increase order fulfillment efficeincy and provide a seamless customer journey?

  • Service vs promotions: How can you transform your in-store customer service to positively impact sales rates in bricks and mortar?

15:00 Chairperson's Closing Remarks

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