Future Stores 2017

May 16-May 17, 2018

Hilton London Tower Bridge

Contact Us: 44 0 (20) 7368 9894

David Blakeney

Director of Store Development
House of Fraser

10:05 Keynote Interview: Making the right store investment decisions based on ROI: Which new store concepts are a "must have" vs "a nice to have" and should be considered in your strategy?

  • How to separate the nice to have from the business must-have to get the most out of your store investments

  • Creating the building blocks for store improvement: How can you take a customer-centric approach to store design to ensure your bricks and mortar investments have the greatest business impact?

  • Enhancing the social and physical delivery of bricks and mortar: How can you implement clever store designs that add that “something extra” to improve your customer experience and drive in-store sales?

  • Taking digital to the next level: How can digital channels help drive in-store services to ensure you never miss a sale?

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