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May 16-May 17, 2018

Hilton London Tower Bridge

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Ian Plummer

Head of Sales Operations

Ian is responsible for sales of Volkswagen passenger cars in the UK totalling approximately 225 000 new cars sold to private and fleet customers, as well as the network sales of approximately 130 000 used cars. He is also responsible both for the customer experience delivered by the nearly 200 Volkswagen Retailers, and also for ensuring the profitability of the franchised network. 

They have implemented a significant change to the Volkswagen UK customer journey over the last two years by applying what they call Blended Retailing. This merging of the digital and physical touchpoints means they have created a much more joined up process which has strengthened the relationship between the customer, the retailer and the brand. For example, their ustomers can now walk into the showroom and simply pick up from where they left off online. And then resume on or off line as they progress through their car buying and ownership experience. By transforming the delivery of this strategy by a fully engaged network, Blended Retailing has increased both value and volume of sales, as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

The transformation of a franchised network of some 12,000 people working for independent businesses and the digitalisation of our customer journey has required a significant programme of change management. Volkswagen's “clicks” and their “bricks” are class leading but the most critical part of the success of the Blended Retailing strategy has without doubt been the engagement of our people.

11:30 Case Study Revolution: Creating true brand fans with a total retail experience: How to seamlessly connect your digital and physical channels to provide the consistent cross channel experience your shoppers demand

Chair: Simon Liss, Managing Partner - Strategy and Innovation, Omnifi
  • Selling with storytelling: How can you merge your digital and physical offerings to kick-start the customer journey and lure shoppers into the buying funnel?

  • Building friendships with your shoppers: How to create an in-store experience that effortlessly ties into your digital customer touch points to further cement your brand as a part of your shoppers lifestyle

  • Creating connecting experiences: How to launch new digital services and products to continue the customer relationship post-purchase and drive brand loyalty

  • How can you modernize and enhance your brand offering with new store concepts to enhance rather than damage your current business model?

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