Future Stores 2018

16 - 17 May, 2018

Hilton London Tower Bridge

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Chris Field

Fieldworks Marketing
Chris advises technology companies on how to sell into retail and the global consumer industries. He run’s a network of 8,000 senior retailers, manages the recruitment of international retailers to major conferences in the US and Europe, and runs a number of vendor communities. Chris published a report on their development of a new sales and marketing model that better reflects the changing way retailers and brands chose, buy and implement technology. Chris believes that the technology industry needs to get better at promoting the value of its solutions, in order to secure higher investment and improve its influence.

11:30 AM Interactive Interview: Succeeding in customer journey mapping: How to identify customer pain points and remove this friction along the shopping journey to heighten their experience

  • Creating a value-driven customer mission: How can you build relationships across the business to boost engagement for new customer experience strategies and ensure scalability and sustainability?  
  • Building customer based concepts: How can you create new store concepts based on real customer problems and provide them with solutions to help them complete their shopping missions with ease
  • Creating brand distinction with connected customer communication: How can you analyse the end to end customer experience for your shoppers to reduce friction points and built customer advocacy along the whole journey?
  • Implementing softer values: How to integrate emotional dimensions into your brand offering to increase effectiveness of customer interactions and deliver the biggest impact for your shoppers

12:20 PM Fire Side Chat: How can online marketplaces and physical high streets work in harmony with complimentary services as the next phase of omni-channel continues to develop?

  • How can retailers boost brand presence on digital platforms to support their in-store offering?
  • How can you streamline the customer experience from online channels to the in-store experience?
  • How can you best link digital and physical services to provide a seamless shopping experience?
  • How can you increase collaboration with industry players to broaden your brand appeal to a wider customer base? 

10:00 AM Inspirational Interview: How to create more compelling concepts for your customers that capitalise on crucial shopping ‘moments’ and get the best out of your store as a true brand beacon

  • How can you develop and build a strong brand DNA for the business from the bottom–up?
  • Defining the role of the store associate in brand promotion: How can you best recruit the right skills and personalities to be the best voice for your brand 
  • How can you make the decision to reinvest and reinvent your brand to transform the value proposition for your current customer base and reach new target audiences?
  • Stepping into your customer’s world: How can you work with your customers when creating new and engaging literal spaces to enable you to shape new concepts that truly reflect their needs?

2:35 PM Fire Side Chat: Collaborating with pure play: How can retailers work effectively with online marketplaces to boost their brand voice across multiple markets and drive footfall?

  • How can you boost your online presence via digital marketplaces to access new customer markets and develop new revenues stream for the business?
  • Building retail partnerships: How can you communicate your brand voice across companies as well as across customer channels to get to know your target customer even better?
  • How can online marketplaces and physical high streets work in harmony with complimentary services as the next phase of omni-channel continues to develop?
  • How can you optimise your online proposition for optimal performance on an online marketplace to make the most of digital distribution networks?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Chris.

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